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10 Best Things to do in Binh Thuan

03/01/2020 1283 views

1. Cau Isle ( Cu Lao Cau)

1. Cau isle ( Cu lao Cau)
Located offshore and about 10 km from Co Thach coast, Cau Island is a beautiful island with many rock formations on green grass. Take a dip in the pristine beaches on the island, watch the sun go down to the sea, or visit Yen Cave to see bird nest, or lean back on cliffs in Ba Hon Cave to feel the vastness of heaven and earth. Visit the coral reefs to see colorful coral reefs.

2. Phu Quy Island

2. Phu Quy Island
Phu Quy island possesses long, smooth sandy beaches and charming beaches. The beauty here is not arguable, there are many beautiful camping sites. Come to Phu Quy island, we will bathe in some famous beaches, visit diversve coral reefs.

3. Ke Ga Apex

3. Ke Ga apex
Come here to visiting the strange rock wall arranged into enough shape to curiosity for visitors. In addition to the long white sand and clear blue water, you can visit the most ancient lighthouse in Southeast Asia was built by the French.

4. Co Thach Beach

4. Co Thach Beach
Co Thach beach is a combination of long rocky beach with smooth yellow sand and clear blue water. Rocky beach with all kinds of gorgeous shapes. This is the place where many tourists choose to stop when coming to Binh Thuan.
Explore the 7-color rock in Co Thach tourist area. Stone has many sizes, large and small shapes.

5. Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream)

5. Suoi Tien (Fairy stream)
Fairy Stream is a small stream located next to Hon Rom, this is a walking stream with beautiful sandy valley. Next to the stream are the stalactite hills of natural red and white and strange natural shapes.
Admire the small stream with the clear water that can be seen the bottom, mountain ranges with white and red blends of soil and sand created caves, unique peaks.

6. Mui Ne Lighthouse

6. Mui Ne Lighthouse
It’s the name of a sea apex. This is the harmony between the white sand, the yellow of the sun and the deep blue of the sea to create a warm and fresh feeling.
Visiting Mui Ne fishing village, have the opportunity to learn the activities of the fishing village.

7. The Sand Hills: Doi Hong, Bau Trang, Bau Sen, Trinh Nu, Hoa Thang

7. The sand hills: Doi Hong, Bau Trang, Bau Sen, Trinh Nu, Hoa Thang
Then drop the soul into the sand dunes with wild and rustic features along the white sands, the murmur of the sea has attracted people who love the beauty of the place.
Contemplate the change of color of the sand (up to 18 different colors).

8. The Beautiful Islands: Hon Rom, Hon Ghenh, Hon Ba And So On

8. The beautiful islands: Hon Rom, Hon Ghenh, Hon Ba and so on
Whether wild beaches or the beaches has become a high-end resort, they also give you a new feel of novelty and fun.

9. Ta Cu Mountain

9. Ta Cu Mountain
Come here to satisfy your climbing rock hobbies.
It is a mountaineering site, an amazing landscape of Binh Thuan province with a peak of 649m above sea level. The scenery here is wild, with the majesty mountains and the ancient temples roof hidden behind the forest.

10. Waterfall : Thanh Linh Waterfall, Chin Tang Waterfall (Nine Layers Waterfall)

10. Waterfall : Thanh Linh Waterfall, Chin Tang Waterfall (nine layers waterfall)
Come to join in nature. You can really relax after long trips.
Listen to the roaring waterfall, the blowing wind, the calling mountains. Enjoy the charming and wild beauty of heaven and earth.