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10 Things to do in Phan Thiet

03/01/2020 1272 views

1. Red Sand Dune (Doi Hong)

1. Red Sand Dune (Doi Hong)

Due to the influence of wind and sun, these sand dunes can back into the land or into the sea, causing the terrain to change continuously, a natural phenomenon that visitors are extremely enjoy.

Hong Hill in Mui Ne, about 20 km from Phan Thiet City is also known as "flying sand hill" because its shape changes continuously throughout the day.

The sand here is different in color. And the winds make the dunes very strange and attractive, sometimes is as soft as the curves of the girl, sometimes rough, angular.
Visitors often prefer to dunes at dawn or dusk because the weather is no longer hot and walking on the sand will be easy, the feet are comfortable to move. At that time, dunes become more fanciful and beautiful than ever.

2. Bau Trang

2. Bau Trang

The second sand dunes in Binh Thuan are more attractive to tourists than Red Hill, called White Sand Hill, but better known as Bau Trang.
Bau Trang Sand Dune attracts a lot of visitors thanks to the immense beauty of the sand, the magnificent landscape that is hard to ignore.

You will be amazed at the scene as a great painting. In dazzling sunshine, the sand hill appears with an unmistakable look. The high, wide sand dunes stretches out of the eyesight. In the past, the sand here was rich yellow, after that, it is gradually turning to pure white.

Bau Trang consists of two very large lakes of Bau Ong and Bau Ba and there’s a white sand strip separates the two lakes. In addition to these two main lakes, there are many other small ponds nestled between countless other sand dunes with golden sand dunes, red sand and pure white sand.

3. Ta Cu Mountain Resort

3. Ta Cu Mountain Resort

The facility here is not so luxury, but bring you close to nature.
When you come to Binh Thuan, remember to climb Ta Cu mountain. Believe me, it won’t make you disappointed.

4. Bai San Ho (Coral Reef)

4. Bai San Ho (Coral reef)

Bai San Ho (Coral reef). Cu Lao Cau is home to many rare aquatic species. So this is a great place for you to watch the coral.

Around the island are coral reefs with many kinds, rich shapes. This is also home to a variety of rare seafood. If you come here, remember to experience the feeling of scuba diving to see the coral!

5. Yen Cave (Bird Cave)

5. Yen Cave (Bird cave)

Yen Cave (Bird cave): There are hundreds of bird nest nest. Previously, sea-going people or local people taking salanganes are often here to exploit eggs and oats, but now there is the protection of border guard troops on the island, so the nest is growing more and more.

6. Ba Hon Cave (Three Stones Cave)

6. Ba Hon Cave (Three stones Cave)

Ba Hon Cave (Three stones Cave): Right next to Yen cave is Ba Hon cave, the cave was created by 3 big rocks standing up, the shapes are very interesting that anyone here also have to take pictures.

7. Opportunity To Look Beautiful Sunset Scene On Phu Quy Island

7. Opportunity to look beautiful sunset scene on Phu Quy Island

The most sunset scene is always at sea. Nobody ever visited the island and left without having a sunset sightseeing.

Even if you have no reason or plan, you cannot take your eyes off the dazzling sunset in this place

Beautiful sunset view and most popular is at the top of Mount Linh Son Pagoda. From here you can zoom in on the view in the distance, where the sun falls to form the dark orange in the sky, that looks spectacular.

8. Quiet Beaches On Phu Quy Island

8. Quiet beaches on Phu Quy Island

Tourists know Phu Quy island just a few years, and also due to the difficulty of travel, the number of people to the island is not too much, mostly still tourists go spontaneously.

The beaches here are quite peace. There are not many tourists come here although the beaches reserve it wild beauty and the intact nature.

9. Opportunity To Enjoy Seafood At A Cheap Price

9. Opportunity to enjoy seafood at a cheap price

On the island, of course, seafood is the most popular dish that tourists cannot ignore. However, seafood prices are often high, Phu Quy is the cheap.

As tourism has not yet developed, the food service here is very reasonable.

You can eat special seafood like Huynh De crab, Vu Nang snail…with a much lower price than other places.

10. Sailing On The Small Islands

10. Sailing on the small islands

If you do not rent a small boat around the islands, then Phu Quy tour cannot be considered completed.

The island has some small islands such as Hon Tranh, Hon Den, Hon Trung, ... Sitting on the boat stroll through the small islands around the island you can clearly see the green of the sea here.

Some small beautiful islands like houses without numbers, which make you curious and excited.