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DA NANG- Trip to Ban Co Peak, Monkey Mountain

01/03/2020 1273 views

If you want to see the whole city from above, in the cool atmosphere of the mountains and forests, a great suggestion is on the top of Ban Co – Ban Co Peak located on Son Tra mountain (Monkey Mountain) with an altitude of nearly 700m above sea level. Ban Co Peak is an ideal place for escaping from bustling Da Nang city and enjoying the fresh air, spectacular view of the coastal city.

The road to Ban Co peak is very small, winding and winding, with many steep ramps to challenge the outstanding drivers. But those roads opened in front of visitors with a new world with cool and green color, beautiful and thrilling roads that everyone wants to experience once in their life. Rent a motorbike and conquer the top of Ban Co on a very early morning would be an unforgettable experience of your Da Nang trip!
People in Da Nang still tell each other an immortal legend about the name of Ban Co (Chessboard): old times, when fairies also had walks on earth, this is the favorite stop of the two fairies who loved playing chess, also the place to witness a game of inconclusive in many days. Then suddenly one day, a fairy, in a minute neglected to watch the female deities playfully on Tien Sa beach and be defeated by the opponent. Due to his annoyance, he first kicked the chessboard into the sea and flew back to the sky. According to that legend, the people here built a fairy statue, sitting pensive in front of a stone chessboard, and this place was called the Chessboard – Ban Co peak.
The road is quite steep, small and winding, however don’t worry, no need to be a professional rider but you should prepare yourself with a good motorbike, ride slowly and carefully. If you cannot ride a bike, it’s suggested to hire a driver and a jeep, sit tight on the back seat and enjoy the trip, it’s also a good solution. You need to choose to go on a dry and sunny day to better enjoying the panorama view on top of the mountain in a clear blue sky. You should also avoid the mid day sunshine late late afternoon dark, better to go in early morning or no later than 3pm to start from your hotel. The trip should take about 3-4 hours with as many stop as you wish. So now ready to go? Open up your map and start the engine!
First keep going on the seaside road from Da Nang city to Intercontinental Sun Peninsula resort, before you start riding up hill to Ban Co Peak. This road is quite plain and easy, about 18km and you might want to stop on the way to visit to Linh Ung pagoda and South beach of Son Tra as well as many other beautiful stops for photographing.
The road to the top of Ban Co is extremely impressed with the small winding with many steep slopes. The higher the dew, the thicker the air, however, in return the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road will satisfy you. Ride about 7km up hill to Ban Co peak, there will be road sign to guide your way too.
Challenging a difficult but extremely interesting journey, visitors will be able to reach Ban Co Peak – one of the most beautiful attraction in Da Nang. At the top of Ban Co Peak, travellers can admire the panoramic view of the city, the skyscrapers, floating fishing boats on the sea and many famous bridges crossing the Han River from a height of a nearly 700 meters. What a breath-taking view!
Looking down from the top of Ban Co Peak, the coastal city of Da Nang appears gently bending along the poetic and charming seafront, amidst the vast sea. Ban Co Peak is the most beautiful in the morning when the city is peaceful and the sun is shining on the side of the mountain. In addition, sunset is also the favourable time to attract many tourists and photographers to capture the poetic scene.
Travelling to the top of Ban Co peak by motorbike, you will feel the joy of discovering and having unforgettable memories for your Da Nang trip.
On the way back, you should not miss a trip to the Giant Banyan Tree with dozens of roots spanning down to ground and follow some green trails which offer an opportunities for monkeys watching. Son Tra mountain also known as Monkey Mountain as there are many monkeys. Another unique feature of the Son Tra Nature Reserve is the existence of the red-shanked doucs, a species of Old World monkey, among the most colourful of all primates. If you are lucky enough (like me), you will meet this special langurs in Son Tra.