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Food in Mui Ne

03/06/2020 1348 views

Food in Mui Ne

Mui Ne cuisine is one of the reasons why this town attracts many local and foreign visitors. Some dishes not to be missed when visiting Mui Ne include:

Seafood in Mui Ne

Seafood in Mui Ne: Mui Ne and Phan Thiet is a seafood paradise for tourists. There are various types of seafood and also a variety of ways of processing. You can easily find to find seafood that is freshly caught. If you want to bring back home, there are dried seafood products such as dried fish or squids you can buy here. Seafood prices are mainly not high and the quality is good.
Food in Mui Ne
Sunny Squid (Muc Mot Nang Nuong): A sunny squid is the big squid, which is spread out to dry on the sun for 1 day. Unlike fresh squid, a sunny squid has more sweetness without losing quality and flavor. You can easily find a sunny squid in fishing villages along the coast of Mui Ne or Phan Thiet market as well as shops selling seafood specialties. This dish is even more charming when dipped in Phan Thiet fish sauce with few slices of chili. Prices of a sunny squid in Mui Ne range from 300,000-450,000 VND per kg.
Lizards: The specialty of sand dunes area is called "Dong". This is a kind of lizard that every tourist is recommended to try out. Dong meat is like chicken, but sweet, fleshy and softer. Dong’s meat can be cooked in the variety of ways like fried, roasted, stir-fried with herbs, or used as the main ingredient for hotpot. You can enjoy this Mui Ne specialty dish at the shop along the banks of the Ca Ty River, or some local restaurant.
Phan Thiet Beef Noodle Soup: When it comes to beef noodle soup, you immediately think of Hue beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue), but Phan Thiet also has its very own beef noodle soup with a completely different taste.
Phan Thiet Quang Noodles: A very typical dish of Phan Thiet. The Quang My noodle dish in Phan Thiet has a slightly sweet taste, so you can squeeze more lemons into it to make it easier to eat. You should try once to see the difference of Quang noodles and Phan Thiet noodles.
King Crab: This is a specialty of Tuy Phong and Binh Thuan regions. Crab meat is sweet, chewy, and fragrant. The king crab in Tuy Phong area is available year round but December is the best time to try it. King crab is usually grilled or steamed with lemon pepper or made porridge. You can enjoy King crab in seafood restaurants of Mui Ne.
Seafood Salad: Salad is a dish you definitely have to try once when traveling to Phan Thiet. There are many different types and Mui Ne is famous for fish salad and snail salad. Fish salad is made from shellfish, transparent fish or fresh opaque fish served with raw vegetables, vermicelli and a special dipping sauce. Snail salad is made with finely chopped snail meat, pork, fried onions, raw vegetables, roasted peanuts and served with sweet and sour dipping sauce.
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