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Ta Cu Mountain

03/01/2020 1520 views

About Ta Cu Mountain

About Ta Cu Mountain
I told you too much about sea and beach, which may make you boring.
Now I will let you know a new place where you can really explore forest and climb. Ta Cu Mountain climbing is fascinating, a fascinating landscape of land in Binh Thuan.
The scenery here very charming with a long coastline, all shaped rocks and green forests surrounding the Ta Cu gives more solemn, majestic. If pilgrims often go up the mountain by cable car system, we decided to climb by road. Probably very few people follow this path so the plants begin reaching out obscure trails.

How To Get To Ta Cu Mountain?

How to get to Ta Cu Mountain?
Ta Cu mountain is 649 m high, located along National Highway 1A, in the town of Thuan Nam, Ham Thuan Nam, Phan Thiet from 28 km to the south is a wonderful landscape and mountain climbing is a fascinating of Binh Thuan Province.

Things To Do In Ta Cu Mountain

A path lead to the top or you can go down from there to the foot of the mountain.
The air here is so fantastic. The green trees give us shadow where you can take a nap here.
To reach the top of the mountain is in the forbidden forest, we have to overcome steep slopes 2.250m, twisty with stone steps unsteady
Go over 200m we encounter the small stream crossing paths. Clear water makes its way through the boulders and flowing down the slopes make for an interesting picture between abundant forests
The clear stream springs from the cliffs to make the nature of Ta Cu more attractive.
Over 1,000m has entered the highest ramp. At that time, I was sweaty and tired, but was compensated by watching the towering ancient tomb, hear the birds chirping and chirping like music and it seemed easier to breathe by cool air.
The tombs are hidden in the trees, it makes the atmosphere more ancient.
The stone steps were a challenge to me, but I overcame.
I conquered the stone steps to reach the temple on Ta Cu Mountain.
1.250m peak, the path was easy. Now, anyone can admire the blue sky thoắt hidden, emerged briefly through the forest canopy and valley fog fades by underneath. Truly majestic scenery of the mountain was magnificent and poetic.

On The Peak, The Most Amazing Thing You Can See Is A Statue Of Buddha

On the peak, the most amazing thing you can see is a statue of Buddha
In particular, on the highest peaks Shakyamuni Buddha entered nirvana (Reclining Buddha) was cast in concrete, whitewashed 49m long, 10m-high, is the largest Buddha statues in Southeast Asia. The statue exudes peacefulness in a structured but simple sanctuary.
I wondered why people could take it to the top of such a high mountain, because some say the work was started from 1958 to 1962 due to the efforts of human labor, not machinery or cranes, along with the support of the majority of Buddhists throughout the South. That work quietly, without fanfare, just faith beyond all barriers of mountains. Around the statue was rustling woods
Located at an altitude of 563m (less than peak) are two temples: "Tren" (Temple Linh Son Truong Tho) and "Duoi" (Temple Long Doan), with high stone steps and towers. If you are interested in these peaceful places, you can visit.

Cable Car Experience

Cable Car Experience
From the top, you can hug the sky, cloud and mountain.
If you want to save labor, you can use cable car. That’s a great idea to view the landscape.
The feeling of freedom is when you are floating in the air and enjoy the nature.
On the mountain, there is a resort that you can stay and spend more time exploring this place.

Ta Cu Mountain Resort

Ta Cu Mountain resort
The facility here is not so luxury, but bring you close to nature.
When you come to Binh Thuan, remember to climb Ta Cu mountain. Believe me, it won’t make you disappointed.