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White Sand Hill

03/01/2020 324 views

About Bau Trang

About Bau Trang

The second sand dunes in Binh Thuan are more attractive to tourists than Red Hill, called White Sand Hill, but better known as Bau Trang.
Bau Trang Sand Dune attracts a lot of visitors thanks to the immense beauty of the sand, the magnificent landscape that is hard to ignore.

You will be amazed at the scene as a great painting. In dazzling sunshine, the sand hill appears with an unmistakable look. The high, wide sand dunes stretches out of the eyesight. In the past, the sand here was rich yellow, after that, it is gradually turning to pure white.

Bau Trang consists of two very large lakes of Bau Ong and Bau Ba and there’s a white sand strip separates the two lakes. In addition to these two main lakes, there are many other small ponds nestled between countless other sand dunes with golden sand dunes, red sand and pure white sand.

Bau Ong

Bau Ong
You are surprised to see the lake sparkling under the sun. You will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful lotuses pond surrounded by the sand hills. Standing on the hill looking down, the lake is pink in lotus flowers color looks very poetic and full of vitality.
That sounds incredible. A small desert and a lake can share border together.
Very few people can believe that in a dry land can survive such a “wet” land.

Bau Ba

Bau Ba
It’s so exciting after going about on the hill, you can walk along the lake bank and feel the cool water under your feet.
Feel free if you want to take some flowers.


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